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Ensuing shitstorm

I got drunk, and then my parents ending up full out yelling at each other.  


I went to the wedding, where they offered a wine or something, and I demanded a beer.   I got one and started crying, but refused to leave.   They demanded I leave, trespassing, blah, blah, so I demanded talking to the person who had invited me, and was refused.   (Given I was in a bathing suit and lazy dress/skirt, but I was too upset to get up and get clothes or get a chair to go to the beach.)


A guy ran me off their property, which was a huge fucking mistake: I ended up off property, after they claimed ownership of the road, and then some guy came up to me when I was loudly, ugly crying.  I had no where else to go where people wouldn't see me crying who actually knew me. 


I didn't want to go to the beach without one of my chairs.   


Now's the important part, if I'm not so drunk I don't make sense.   (I was wobbly before, so who knows.)   I feel pretty clearheaded because the guy tried to walk me to the house, hovering around me, even when I got quiet.   He insisted I had to leave even though he had no right to the property.   He also said that I was messing with the wrong person, insisted to know where I lived - and said that he'd find out - and when, at one point, I suspected he was threatening I asked him point blank: are you threatening me?


Yes, he responded.   


I told him I would love to see him hit me, and he said that I was fucking with the wrong person. 


My mom is going to call the police on them with an actual noise complaint if they go past nine at the sound level they're going at with the party since she's so pissed off that they were rude to me, and now that they threatened me.   She's actually going to talk to the neighbors about it - the same neighbors who I told what happened just in case.