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Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch

I'm not sure if Lina is into Ren or Thomas, but I do know that Ren is into Mimi.  I'm not sure if Ren is into Lina, though, but the whole Lina's overjealous thing is not okay with me.   (Although she gets points for saving Lina from a grope-y old dude, and telling her what to do.   Normalizing it, and being like, 'hey, it happens, just shove them off' is also not okay with me.)


I'm not really down with how Lina deals with Mimi - which is to brag about being with Ren when he won't return her calls - or how she doesn't tell Ren what she told Mimi.   


The story is really well written and I'm still into it, but suddenly there's some really shitty behavior and I'm like 'I dunno.'