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Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch

I was reading more of the Aggressors, when the humidity knocked me out.   Both my mom and I planned on watching the Tour de France, then go to the beach.  Instead, we watched, and read, until we ended up napping.   (I'll update the Aggressors page count on the side, and plan on trying to finish that up before anything else.)


We woke up and got energized just in time to go to the beach and I quite frankly didn't want to take any signed books.   (I also started a bit of League of Dragons, but I kinda wanna start some of the books I finish :/)


I took a lot of things from Jessica's package.   The skirt that folds up and becomes a coaster - first time I used it as a coaster - and the gotg2 tumblr.   Also Love & Gelato.   I was a little slow to warm up to this book, but now am super into this.   Touching, smart, funny, and builds up the character before it throws her into the romantic situation. 


Also, reminds me that I want a lawyer to start up a gelato place called gelawto.   I proposed that the gelato costs like two hundred bucks and comes with free legal advice. 


And when I said the name to a lawyer I know who joked about starting a gelato place, I said, wait, wait, I have the perfect name.   Gelawto.   (It was pronounced the same, so I got a table full of blank looks, until I pointed out it was spelled with law in the name, and they were like YES!)


So much fun right now.  I might just finish this book before anything else.