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The Mount - Carol Emshwiller

I'm both fascinated and like 'man, this is so hard for me to read!'  I think part of it is just being infuriated at how Charley - hah, Charley Horse! which didn't get for an embarrassingly long time - is so indoctrinated into the Hoot way of thinking, that it's good that he's enslaved, and on and on. 


Part of it is what I call flow.   It's something I can't really describe, but it has to do with how easy the book is to read - as opposed to how well written.   Like this is well written, but the flow doesn't work for me.   Technically, all the sentences are fantastic, and the author has a very good sense of what to tell, when to tell it, plot, characterization.   But the flow is off. It's partly poetry, partly how the sentences flow, and partly something indefinable for me.   But it all affects how I interact with the book. 


It seems unfair to me that I can't define this better.   I can try, partly by pointing out that some of the parts of this novel are composed of very short, precise sentences that are fine - but feel a bit overused.  


I think, though, that underlying all this is a deep discomfort, especially since I'm finding it hard to relate, or really care about, any of the characters right now.   I'm not sure I'm supposed to like them, but without liking something about them, I can't really care about them.   That there is a deep problem.  So I think I'll read this ten to twenty five pages a day - and see how it goes.