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The Mount - Carol Emshwiller

So... wow.   As far as controlling people, this is far, far worse than FSoG.   Just because it's come up recently.   It's arguably worse than the real life R. Kelly story in scope: it's worldwide, and humanity is encouraged not to read because they don't need to.   And how does that help their muscles, which is really important since they're just ponies?   (Mounts, ponies, whatever.)


This is delving into eugenics now, too.   Except that reading about how the author came up with this concept - it was a class about predator and prey, I believe - and given how thoughtful this is, it's a much more pleasant reading experience than FSoG.   (R Kelly is painful for read about on a whole other level.)


Also, tried to mow lawn twice.  My heart races, and I feel hot and dizzy, probably because it's so humid, and I end up feeling like I'm going to pass out, panting for breath.   Um, yeah, I'll do more later today or tomorrow. 


For now, I'm reading, because I don't have the energy to shower, which I usually do right after I'm done mowing the lawn.  Blah.