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The Mount - Carol Emshwiller

So I wanted a Small Beer Press book at Readercon and this cover caught my attention.  Just a whiff of kink, and the whole aliens using people as animals plot has a greater sense of kink to it. 


I used to write and read some pretty kinky fanfic, and I occasionally have the desire for kink in my books.   I realize this is a whole ponygirl/ponyboy fetish that wasn't really my thing, but I like smart kink.  Well written, but I don't really want sex scene kink: I want something that explores something that has a link to a fetish/kink, without being all about sex.   


I've been silently obsessing over this book since I got it: that hint of kink, with an actual plot?   It's not kink, but it's close enough that I saw this cover and knew I had to have it within a second or so of seeing it.  


If I remember correctly, I started a book by this author from the Humble Bundle, and was enjoying it.   In addition, Kim Stanley Robinson has a brilliant quote about this book and author on the cover.   Lesse how this goes!