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Readercon post(s) questions

I have a ton of stories from Readercon this year.  I think I enjoyed it the most of the cons I've been to - only this one in previous years, and an X-Files one years past that soured me on cons until Readercon because it was too big and crowded and too expensive to be quite frank.   I loved both guests of honor, and I felt both more anxious - about the check I sent to school and making sure it got where it was supposed to get to*, because that was a huge check - and more relaxed because whatever happens, I should have an MA soon.


So... I'm thinking I'll do pictures tonight, at least of the books.   I want to do stories: me and my interactions with authors, and a lot of exciting things.   Also, some of the illustrations along with the signing.   Also, do you guys want to know about panels?   Would you like one massive text post - but not a wall, because it will have paragraphs and I'm not trying to keep anyone out - or posts by subject: me talking to authors and guests in the dealers room and hallways, panels, signings?   (I believe those would be the three subjects, although I haven't quite finalized that if you want three separate ones.   And of course the fourth with pictures.)  Or would you prefer one incredibly massive post?  (It still won't be a wall of text.  I promise paragraphs.)


Lemme know.   The pictures will come later tonight and definitely be one separate post.   My phone's battery is almost dead so poor, brave Goldbug is taking a small recharge to recuperate before I put him to service again.   


*someone needs to talk me out of calling the school to check and looking too neurotic, by the way.