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I don't want to get up today

I'm already slightly depressed that there's only about five hours of Readercon left.   Bummer.   I'm tired and debating coffee at McDs before hitting Readercon.  (I'm thinking I will.)


I'm anxious because I've realized once again that Novik only has one panel today and if she doesn't bring SG what then?   (Answer: I will offer her ten bucks to send it back to me, and find a way to get her my address, there or online, however she prefers.)


I also have a lot more comics for her to bribe her to give it back to me.   (Variant covers, but not the expensive retailer incentives, although I am taking in the Starscream sketch one to show her.   Most of my other RI covers are Autobots, though.)


So I'm going to get up, go in early and try to read.  Later today I hope to get all my older and newer Readercon books together, separate them by paid, freebies, what's signed and unsigned (with already read books in their own separate place), then organize by what I want to read.   (Signed will most likely take precedence, then paid, then freebies.)  


On the table for Monday: send Jessica's gift now that I have that book signed, clean room, and relaxing in general.