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Chobits Omnibus Edition Book 1 - CLAMP

So, yeah, I'm hooked.   Chi does look, and even act, like a child, so the whole groping her boobs scene and looking at her vag to find her tags - her product numbers, etc - was really super gross.   Like so much so that I wanted to reach into the book and slap the character. 


However, I'm really loving this overall.  I didn't even have a chance to get my digital editions of my comics until right now. 


I went on the boat, I took this, and I almost dropped it in the soup.   (So much choppy water.   So much standing on the bow waiting for the motorboat to pick us up from our mooring :/   And I am not very graceful, y'all.  There was squeaking, clinging to a huge pole, and being told 'you know, you have to let go of that.'  Nooooo, my inner voice went, but I did, and managed not to drop my books or anything else into the water. 


I also ended up navigating via tiller for a while, a lot longer than I suspected.   I dipped my hands into the water and found tons of seaweed.   My dad has apparently thought I've been keeping him company and grudgingly accompanying him until now.   He finally realized I keep asking about sailing because, y'know, I really truly enjoy it.   And that kinda kept my attention, rather than this book.   


I'm hoping to finish soon and forcing myself not to buy volume two until then.  (This was apparently a fairly short series and only had two huge volumes that gathered together everything.  I kinda also want the four omnibus editions of Chi's Sweet Home, which I thought of since Chi is the main character's name in this.)