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Bright Sessions, and feeling lonely and blue

I'm alone today and while I usually relish the time to recharge, I'm instead feeling lonely and a little depressed today.   There's nothing to do but soldier on.  I usually read and watch TV, via streaming, but nothing is doing it for me TV wise.   So I'm shaking things up, taking some podcast suggests - mostly fiction - and listening to The Bright Sessions, therapy sessions with those who have powers like time traveling or people who are empaths - and so far that's cheering me up a bit.   


I'm reading Fairy Tail while I listen.   


I think I'm going to close the awning, too, and reapply some sunscreen.   I think lack of sun might be making me more depressed.   I felt fine when I was in the sun, so let's see.   I'm trying to change things around, change my patterns, and make myself feel better.