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It's Not Yet Dark - Simon Fitzmaurice

"But the simple truth is that a better life helps all of us."


This is a surprisingly charming book, in which the author speaks with stark transparency and eloquent simplicity about his life before and after he is diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.   I picked this up despite the worries that this would be, counter to the title, dark and depressing.   It kept nagging at me, and the ARC was still staring at me, so, yes, I picked it up.   (Apparently this is for the paperback and the hardcover came out years ago.)


It's got dark moments, as he realizes his body is failing him, during his diagnoses, and afterwards dealing with it.   And yet, for the most part, both Simon Fitzmaurice, and his wife Ruth, keep thinking positively and try to the live the best life possible.   They're grateful for each other, their children, good movies and good food.   


And I'm finding myself just wrapped up in their story.