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The scarab is kind of freaking me out

Blue Beetle (2016-) #10 - Keith Giffen, Scott Kolins, J.M. DeMatteis, Scott Kolins, Jr.,  Romulo Fajardo

The fight between Arion and Dr. Fate comes to a startling conclusion, setting up the next storyline.   The scarab has been fighting against Arion, and has only one chance: to convince Jamie Reyes to take him, it, the power of the Blue Beetle back.   Jamie has been resisting because people have been warning him that the scarab could override him, erase him and take over his body. 


Still, the other option now is to watch the people he love, and the Earth be destroyed.   


My main problem with this issue, and the reason it's not five stars, is that it feels like the main conflict comes into play at the end, and I wasn't that into this storyline until the final revelation.