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First Inhumans trailer.   The overwhelming reaction is negative.  I hate to say it, but I'm pleased, if only because I'm super paranoid about getting tickets for the limited engagement at IMAX.   I'm hoping a lot of people won't spend money going to it when it shows on TV so soon after.   


I think Anson does a lovely job as Black Bolt. I was sure he would after seeing Hell on Wheels.   He still isn't what I think of when I think of comic Black Bolt: he still looks a little skinny to me.   (And I'm not saying this in a 'he should bulk up' way.   Even if he did, I think body type wise it would never be what I picture the comics doing as Black Bolt.   BB has always been a little stockier, and not quite as pretty as I think Anson Mount is.   Then again, Hugh Jackman doesn't do it for the comic version of Wolverine.   Way too tall!   But Jackman nailed the character so perfectly, it didn't matter.   He became Wolvie.   All this is to say, it's still new and weird to see Anson play BB and I'm still getting used to it.  However, it looks like he may just absolutely nail that role, so I'm excited.)


Apparently Medusa's hair is the big problem a lot of people have.   That wig!   I think the CGI/how it's handled - as in how she deals with using said power - will be more important.   I think the other actors nailed everything as far as I could see, too, so I'm excited.   Many people aren't into the Inhumans backstory/this plot line, so again, maybe more of a chance that I'll get tickets?


August first, I'm definitely stopping by and getting them, though.


ETA: Lockjaw?   Fucking epic.