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Releasing Rage (Cyborg Sizzle Book 1)
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Curb Stomp
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So, a comixology code broke my comixology cart, but I got help, redid the cart - I think I mistakenly put stuff that clashed with the code, oops - and I got $20 off a $30 order.   Worth the aggravation, to be honest.  I look forward to indulging soon. 


I went on the boat, and should update my teen romance.   The book is upstairs, and I walked at least to four miles today so feeling a bit too lazy to get up and get the book.   But on the plus side, I know I have the willpower to walk that far!   And really, me getting up the willpower to do a two hour walk.   (I also ordered food things and got tired in the sun, so I walked slower at the end.)


I also have a couple comic reviews, so those should be coming up soon.