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Bee and Puppycat is so adorable!

Bee and Puppycat Vol. 2 - Zack Sterling, Zack Sterling, Meredith McClaren, Meredith McClaren, Theresa Zysk, Theresa Zysk, Joy Ang, Joy Ang, Various, Various

I read most, if not all, of these from an earlier Humble Bundle in single comic format.   I love this so much, I took getting volume two as a reason to read all these issues again: this is cute, and while it doesn't have action, or even all that much angst, it doesn't need it.  Problems are as ordinary as getting up for going to work, or getting meatloaf off a pan, but they're presented in such a way as to make this anthology comic incredibly interesting.   (Short stories, same characters and universe, but different artist and writers - most often with the creators acting as both artist and writer.)


It's also set in a fantasy world in which a magical girl, and her alien puppycat, do temp jobs.   They're both lazy, she more than he is, and they both love eating, especially chocolate.   There's no big threats, nothing bigger than a truly awful job, no high drama, but it's a nice departure from the comics and graphic novels I normally read.  I used to think I didn't like this kawaii stuff, not enough to read Bee and Puppycat as much as I have, but it turns out I just want it done well.   I'd argue it's almost harder to take small moments, nondramatic moments, and create enough drama to keep people interested than using a huge battle to gain interest.   


This keeps up the optimism, even when dealing with Bee's malaise, and makes it not only cute but uplifting.   It's charming, the writing and art are excellent, and I could completely get into this type of graphic novel.  I just need to find the ones that are done as well as this one are.