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At the summer house again

I had a pause when I was able to write some reviews, but I mostly read today.  I have six or seven reviews to write, but I just got in the summer house and the heat is trying to kill me, maybe.   Almost ninety when it's dark out :/


My head is killing me.   Heat is a trigger for my migraines, and bleh.  


I'll post the reviews tomorrow before the Galley opens - for scones for me, yay - and hopefully get a plans post up before that.  


Now?  I jumped in the shower and washed off my dress.   Near two hours in the car and it felt soaked through and gross.   I have the fan on and I hope that sleep will help the migraine!


I still want to walk to the Creamery and get a frappe tomorrow, but we'll see based on how hellaciously hot it is.   The Galley is going to be closer to a two and a half walk, both ways, I'm guessing.   And I'd have to start at like five in the morning - so I'm just going to drive there!