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Good day

I met the woman who was helping me out earlier - to find a better job, and I dismissed grad school at the time.   She was thrilled that I got in, took me out to lunch, and the burgers were huge.   We both got them, and we both took at least half home.    She bragged to the waitress that I got into grad school and we were celebrating and she brought us back this beautiful ice cream with chocolate sauce that said congrats and a best wishes in chocolate flakes, I guess, on the side.  Delicious, and we talked and talked.  I gave her books, she let me keep the ARC she'd given me a while ago, and gave me back a box of my comics and graphic novels back. 


She also told me that I had no choice.  I was in her life for good, and I just grinned and grinned.   She also heard me talking about a burger at AMC with fig spread and tried to give me some, couldn't find it, so she gave me two package of pretzels, some honey mustard sauce for dipping, and some lemon curd, and some cranberry orange jam, me protesting it was too much all the while. 


Then I came back and got my last birthday gift, the last of the three birch boxes I got.  I also managed to order the blu-ray/DVD/digital of Get Out for my sister, and of Logan for me.   As I continue to celebrate getting into school.


I'm popped, though, from the driving and the sun. 


ETA: And then my sister got another interview and my parents called, and man, I love this day!