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X-23: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 - Nuno Sotero Alves Da Silva, Filipe Andrade, David Lafuente, Mike Choi, Sana Takeda, Jay Faerber, Will Conrad, Billy Tan, Francis Portela, Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle, Marjorie M. Liu, Simon Spurrier

Logan's eyes are blue.   Sarah Kinney's eyes are green.   Sarah Kinney carries Laura, afterwards known as both Laura Kinney and X-23, to term.   Since they've been having trouble creating a male clone of Logan, they settle on a girl - who Laura explains will not be an exact clone, but rather a genetic twin.


Maybe this explains the eye color difference, but I feel like if they're trying for as an exact a replica of Logan as possible.   Plus, going with Sarah's eye color makes no sense: she was implanted with someone who had a high percentage of Logan's DNA with some differences to make the child a girl.   Laura, however, should have 0% of Sarah's DNA. 


Look, I know I'm nitpicking, but I see these things, and they bug me, and this is why there is fan wank.   Because fans are anal about this shit.   I'm not wrong, though, right?


Hmmm.   I wonder if my dad would be willing to use his science geek smarts to figure this out for me...   Maybe if I pretend it's not comic related... nope, he'll see right through that.  I wonder if he'll tell me if this is possible anyway.   If there are any science geeks out there reading this, though, this would save me a really awkward conversation if you want to hash it out with me here...