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Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin'! (Marvel Middle Grade Novel) - Tom Angleberger, Tom Angleberger

It's impossible to read on a screen outside.  I got too hot and a little dizzy from all the dazzling sun: it's gorgeous out there!  I also manage to get sunscreen in my eyes 100% of the time and couldn't see anything. 


So here's the plan:


I'm going to relax, and read comics or nap until about eleven thirty.   Then lunch.   Then sunscreen it up and walk to the actual beach - or the porch - again and get more sun.   (Oh, right, I have a vitamin d deficiency apparently but my dad's been reading articles about this vitamin being over prescribed.   I do apparently get a deficiency during the winter, but most people do because less sun, and less being outside even when it is sunny because with snow it's frigid.   I was prescribed pills but I've been spending time in the sun instead!   Also, weird that my doctor prescribed it without telling me.  I just suddenly got a call from CVS about it being in, and yeah, my sister ended up picking it up before I got a chance to call and see what it was.   I took one pill and then did self prescribed sun, but the doctors in my family approve of this plan!)


Anyway, sun from about noon, twelve thirty until one thirty, or two and hopefully finishing Rocket and Groot and starting Transformers and Philosophy and then a first - or another - nap.  I hope to make it to the beach this time, but again, we'll see.    Then reading more comics inside with a snack.   (I didn't bring paper comics, just books, and yes, an hour to an hour and a half in the sun, then I start to burn up like crazy and go blind from sunscreen in the eyes.)


I'll probably watch some TV, too.  Light covering of sunscreen to back up the old stuff and then I'll walk a mile or so the place with the delicious frappes and drink it on the way back to the house.   (I might just go for a milkshake, or a small, hopefully healthier snack, though.   Probably just a cold drink of some sort...)


Then I'll shower relax - the sun makes me sleepy - and possibly a third nap.  (Ah, I should mention that I tend to nap for ten, or fifteen minutes.   A half hour tops is normal.)  I'll stay inside, and read, and watch TV - most likely Netflix again.   


Dinner will be decided upon later.  Might go to the grocery store, might finish off some apples and cheese and scavenge at home.  (I'm leaning towards the healthier option of apples right now.)


I'll read and watch TV during dinner because I love doing that, and then read some more. During the day, I'll try to find times to untangle some yarn I have, too.   I want to start knitting again now that I have a new splint, because I anticipate my wrist will hurt less in the near future.   


I'll fall asleep and then I'm meeting a woman at her house for lunch.  She was trying to help me find a better job before school.   And she has a shitton of books including some TF graphics I'm... kinda possessive of.   Some DD comics.  I laughed it off and was like, LOL, no, you can keep them because digital copies, but it turns out I kinda actually would like to make an effort to get them back...