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Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin'! (Marvel Middle Grade Novel) - Tom Angleberger, Tom Angleberger

So I decided to stay on the porch: easier access to food, I can stream Netflix while reading and no sand, and I was tired.  I ended up with my Starbucks expresso drink from when I tried out Amazon Prime with a five dollar voucher I got for not getting express Prime shipping.  


So anyway, I have access to all my books and I'm still groggy enough not to want to get into philosophy before ten o'clock this morning. 


I'm reading something a little easier, sipping on my iced coffee and eating dates out in the sun.   I also get to browse on my computer, and I found out that graphic novels - paperbacks - qualify for a free digital Marvel comic.  I'm already eyeing the Guardians book that's the history of with a print.   It's less than thirty dollars on Amazon.   (Also, I bought the Autocracy Trilogy in digital for ninety-nine cents.  I've been wanting to reread that, and although I own them in paperback and Monstrosity on Comixology, this was far, far cheaper than the six dollars on Comixology - and I can read it there because merged accounts - or getting them separately.)   Anyway, the Guardians book ties into this, and also I could get a Guardians book free maybe.   It's a curated list.   I haven't clicked yes, but I'm debating it, and I figure I'll decide later today.  I hesitate to buy anything graphic novel related at B&N because they use these stupid protection stickers that permanently damage the book if you remove them, and I consider them unaesthetic.   (So, I can get it about as cheap as I can at B&N at Amazon, and I don't have to worry about my book coming pre-damaged by the corporation.   Those stickers really, really bug me, and I can't even avoid them by special ordering like I used to be able to do because they're being really, really strict about that policy.  I understand why they do it, because, holy shit, stop stealing graphic novels, people who do that kind of thing!   But it hurts the collectors, which is a shame because we tend to spend a lot of time, energy, and yeah, money on this type of thing...)   Anyway, if you have any advice, or want to see the book, it's here.


Oh, also, I like this innaprops joke in hit book: 


"You look hot!


Say wha???


I'm concerned this planet may be too warm for sweatshirt wearing."


Also, nice, this book has now made me feel uncomfortable about what I pretend to be little more than passing interest in Rocket, but he's a total dick with a heart of gold, extremely violent - but only for good!, and he's cybernetically enhanced.   Also, he loved exploding things in movies and I love explosions in movies.   It's kinda a crush at this point...


All this leads up to me being super happy I am not in the beach/in public.   I'd be looking around like, 'did anyone notice, no, I'm not crushing on the murderous space raccoon, say wha???'


And then I'd want to have alone time.   Hanging on the porch was the smart move this time around.