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Part of me doesn't want to get out of bed

But no one else is at the summer house, and I have a habit of lounging in bed so I don't wake anyone up.  If I grab coffee and make breakfast*, then I can hit the beach by seven AM, and read all day.  I also have turkey jerky and pomegranate flavored craisins as snacks for the day.**


*I had nothing in the house but ice cream :/   I got some healthier nukable dinners and some apples and fancy cheese; I'm going to grab the apples, and make a vinegar balsamic, olive oil, and crumbly cheese mix that I love with the apples.  


**Kiiiinda.   My sister and I text while we watch Jeopardy.   I also have been really looking forward to these box lunches this place I like makes: sandwich, salad, and cookie for about twelve bucks.  I'm going to stop by and get one later today for lunch, but I figure I can spend a couple early hours on the beach, get home and shower and change and grab lunch by noon or one, and then some more hours on the beach.  I'd also like to take a walk, maybe to the place that does excellent ice cream and grab some since I had a healthy microwaved dinner - one of those lean, panini things.