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I'd given up on this series

Switch #3 - Stjepan Sejic, Stjepan Sejic

And I think I have again: the artist, who is also the writer, explained why it took him so long to get these out.   It turns out that being hunched over and drawing all day was causing some medical issues.  I sympathize, but I also realize that issue four came out in July 2016; I doubt I'll see a new issue any time soon. 


Which really is a shame.   This is a clever take on Witchblade, and has Sarah Pezzini as a character, although she isn't the bearer of the Witchblade.   Much of the mythology seems to be the same, but it's more an extended what if Mary, a fairly typical high school student, had gotten the Witchblade instead of Sarah?   


It's fun, and while it feels like fanservice,  I have no problem with that or crack fiction.   It's fun, and I know it's not canon, but that doesn't make it any less fun.   I"m especially enjoying all the other bearers who help Mary out, particularly Una, a cavewoman and the first bearer. 


The art in this is spectacular.  Part of my joy was squashed knowing that this was just cancelled, although the note about the artist was in the back, giving me no real way to frame the long absences while I was reading this.   


I do hope he feels better.   But I think I've given up on this series.   Just when I was getting used to Till All Are One being around, too.   Man, so many of the series I love get cancelled.