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Really enjoying this

Gwenpool, The Unbelievable (2016-) #16 - Christopher Hastings, Gurihiru

I've been meh on this series for a while.   This turns the series on its head again, though, by having Gwen visit her family residence, only to find her brother.  And not her brother from the Marvel universe, but rather from the other universe.   


By allowing her to travel to her original home, it allows the author to play around with the meta aspects, making them seem fresher than what had been happening recently.   (Deadpool proves that you can continue to do meta as an ongoing and have it be constantly amusing, but that's due to the combination of social awareness in my opinion.   This was starting to focus only on the meta aspects, and made it less interesting long term for me.)


Most startling is the question of if things are merely a narrative, even when she's living her normal, non-super heroic life.  


The art felt more adorable to me than it has in a while, although I suspect it's not a quality change so much as a change in my perspective: I liked the story more, and it changed how I viewed the art.   


To be honest, this probably would have been closer to a four and a half star read if I hadn't just read Till All Are One.   Man, ten was amazing.