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Fathom Omnibus: Part 2 - Mark Roslan, Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo, John Starr, J.T. Krul, Sal Regla, Alé Garza, David Wohl, Michael Turner

I'm not enjoying Lobdell's tale at all right now.   It's not that Lobdell is an awful writer, he just glosses over the complexities I enjoy.   I've heard from some people who want a story without the shades of gray, so I understand why Lobdell has a fanbase.   I'm just not one of them.  I think, looking back, there are more misses than hits for me from him.  I do want to know how to this story ends, because I care enough about Aspen, but I think the introduction of new characters while stripping her from Chase was a mistake.  I really liked the cheeky interaction between her and Chase, and I love how he was supportive, even when it was clear she was physically more powerful than him. 


He had trouble adjusting to her people, and being underwater, but as Aspen points out, he adjusted faster than she expected.   He never tried to make her even act less powerful because he was the man, and when she needed time to herself to clear her head, he asked if she was sure, and then let her go.   (He loves her too much to bear being separated from her without trying to get her to stay - but he also didn't pressure her to stay, or use emotionally blackmail to keep her to stay.)


In other words, I find their relationship really healthy. I wasn't sure at the beginning when he saw her, how stunning, and odd, she was and then became obsessed.   He got to know her, and truly fell in love, and evolved into more than a jokester and into a really amazing boyfriend.   


I'm also confused as to why if she was in the ocean, she didn't track her brother, Finn, down to spend time with him.