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Fathom Omnibus: Part 1 - Frank Mastromauro, Joe Weems, Vince Hernandez, Christina Strain, Koi Turnbull, Marcus To, Beth Sotelo, Bill O'Neil, J.T. Krul, Sal Regla, Jason Gorder, Jonathan Smith, Steve Firchow, Jon Sibal, Peter Steigerwald, Michael Turner, Michael Turner


She looks so psychotic.   It's the cross-eyed but still grinning idiotically combination, I think.  I burst out laughing out loud when I saw this panel. 


Koi Turnbull is, overall, a good artist.   Then there are just some flat-out bizarre panels, like this, or the odd kiss I posted about earlier.   It's a shame; even with some obvious flaws, Turner's work was on average better and his flaws were less emphatic.   It's an even bigger shame that Turnbull's work follows up right after Turner's.   If not for the juxtaposition, it wouldn't be so glaring that Turner's work is superior. 


And despite these two panels, I'd gladly read another book by Turnbull.   While the panels that I do pull are pretty glaringly bad, like I said, most of his work is pretty amazing.   Which, to be honest, only makes these WTF panels stand out even more, and while I might chuckle for all the wrong reasons, it doesn't take away from the fact that I enjoy most of his work.   


This was written and drawn after Turner had died.   His creations lived on, and to be fair, I think they're in fairly good hands.   The writing, in particular, is impressive.   Turner is labeled as co-storyteller, in that this is his world.   The new writer tackles a lot of the inner politics between The Blue and the Black and the human world, and fits Aspen in nicely.   She's a link between The Blue and the Black, and I love the revelations with Finn and what's been happening with him.   This will knock the star rating down a bit, though.   It doesn't feel as immediate as the first storyline, perhaps because the eleven issue second volume draws this out a little, and gets convoluted with all the storylines, especially in the first couple of issues.   I much preferred when Turner was writing and illustrated, despite me not fully enjoying some writing techniques at the beginning. 


I'm still fully engaged, though, as I continue to care about this world and these characters.   


I'd like to note that we haven't seen blond dude since Aspen tried to eat his face off raw.   Well, she disengaged, and he was fine then.   I hope he's still got a face when she comes back to him, though, because after all the shit she's been put through, she might enjoy that snack given how rapturous she looked at the thought of tearing into her boyfriend's face!