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Some good old Marvel misogyny

This is why women reading comics is only a recent thing: either they didn't want to read this kind of objectification or they were harassed by readers reading this and thinking 'this kind of thing is cool in real life if superheroes are saying these things.'



Clint Barton aka Hawkeye tracks down a stripper, joking about it giving him a reason to visit twelve strip joints.   When she asks how he knew she was a stripper, this.   'Those watermelons you're lugging around?'   Yeah, that's exactly what I think about when I consider my breasts.   'Hmmm, should I lug these watermelons around today or just leave them at home?'


It's not sexy, and in fact does nothing but make Hawkeye sound like an incredible douche.   Which doesn't help his case.   The stripper doesn't want his help, but hey, maybe this will make her more pliable?   So it also doesn't make sense narratively, nor does her reaction of not slapping him in the face.  And also not dropping a drink on his crotch, because I'm picturing hot drink now.


Mostly, what purpose does this statement serve?   I can see none, and in fact it is at cross-purpose to his stated intention: he wants to help her, y'know, but sexually objectify her at the same time.   Male writers should really learn that most women, at some point in their lives, learn to treat men like this like creeps.   (The stripper was doing so before this line, but her attitude didn't change: she was cold, but politely cold, before and after.    Since he isn't a client, isn't making her money, and that's what she cares about, I don't see her putting up with his sexist bullshit with such little reaction.)