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I'm going to start tweeting positive reviews of things to the writer

Why?   Because I want to let them know when I like things.   If it's below a four, I'm not going to do it, but gushy reviews?   Yes.   And furthermore, I've found they either thank me or retweet and while I know it's not something I have to do, it's something easy that I'd like to do.   Because if attention is called to my review and someone picks up the book based on that, then good. 


Not that Black Bolt, the reason I started doing this again, needs help.  Nope.   After all, it's completely sold out from what I hear.   Good.  It deserves to be. 


Saladin Ahmed was just a doll, too.   He thanked me for wanting to read Black Bolt #1 - a tweet I sent in response to the anti-Muslim backlash against a Marvel artist and him feeling the need to defend his art.   (I didn't realize who was writing for Black Bolt, or what religion he was; I just knew it was a Black Bolt solo series and I wanted it.)


He's liked and/or retweeted all the positive responses to his work.   (And not the negative.   As he's said in one tweet, not liking his work doesn't make you an asshole, but tagging him to tell him that does.   I don't necessarily agree, but not for anything: if you'd making a point that the work is harmful in some way, it's no use if the writer doesn't get it because their work won't change.   Saying that it's boring and I want you personally to know is a bit of a dick move.   Saying it to other people via review?   That's cool.   Because of this, and because I saw nothing harmful in BB, I sent him a tweet reaffirming how much I liked his work.  I also agree with him because of, oddly enough, Anne Rice.   If someone tweets at you something negative, and you mention that, you risk throwing that person under rabid fangirls and fanboys.   And as much of an Ahmed fangirl I am after one issue, I wouldn't attack the haters, but plenty would.)


And it's not about getting Ahmed more praise or money.   Nope.   This series is just as good as Vision and Vision didn't sell well enough to pay Tom King enough money that he wouldn't be poached by DC.   If I want Ahmed and crew to stay on Black Bolt, I want more people to get interested and buy this.   Any promotion I give?   It's more for me, to keep getting what I want. 


I've just tweeted at Benjamin Percy who writes Green Arrow and he liked.   So I'm going to keep this simple: four or more stars, and I may or may not choose to do this for older works depending on how much time I have.  I will continue to tweet at Ahmed and my absolute favorite writers, no matter what though. 




I'll also be posting replies/likes/retweets.  Because warm fuzzies.