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The reasons I loved Spawn in the first place

Spawn #272 - Szymon Kudranski, Todd McFarlane

It's dark, yes, but it also wants to tell a story about a dead man condemned to hell who will do anything to get back to his family.   Even knowing this, even knowing what he could have had with Wanda, Al Simmons still fights, as Spawn, to protect her family.   He has a faulty suite, and a drug addicted teenage girl who's his ward - and who is seemingly possessed, with a connection to his suit.   


Still, he fights the men who come after him, and after her, and he will fight the warriors of heaven and hell for her.    He does things that seem unseemly - although they're really just tricks - partly with her help to find her father.   He not only wants to protect her, but to help her heal and life a healthy, happy life.   


And I'm in particularly enjoying the focus on him and her, even while introducing a mysterious new threat to the world in general.   Because he so obviously cares for her so deeply, even more so than Terry.   (Or the twins, which what happened to them?  Off to Google this.  Oh.   That's why?   I'm... I have no words. Forgot I mentioned that clusterfuck, then, please.)   And it's that emotional connection that hooks me, in combination with the fact that I like some grimdark comics.   And that's the thing: I can dig light or edgy, but I'm not a huge fan of twisting things that aren't meant to be.   It just tends to feel unnatural and show.   Spawn was created to be grimdark, though.   And I kinda love it for that, for doing he heaven and hell storyline without being overly preachy - or preachy at all, for doing the amnesia thing in a way that I wanted to figure everything out because I love that trope, and for the emotional connections.   Even when Spawn was a total amnesiac, and kind of a dick to the other hobos he was living with, he still didn't let people fuck with them.   And I kinda love him for that, too.  


Wants more now, please.   I'll wait the couple weeks for the next issue, then.   Although I may make Spawn a digital thing and wait a month for the price to go down by a buck, because every two months?  Means I can get another another comic.