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Because I am /this/ mad!

When you can punch a nazi.


Actually I agree with him: nazism is disgusting, but I don't think you should just jump up and punch someone, anyone, for saying something.   Talk about it?   Yes, okay.   Spread the message that you find this speech disgusting?   Go for it, totally.   Just running up and punching them?   The worst part of me wants to - and did - laugh the first time I saw that.   But the truth is that I felt bad immediately and I knew it was wrong.   The worst part of me may laugh when I see that again, but Nick Spencer is correct.  Punching people for speech isn't something you should go around doing.   


Or else you should expect someone to punch you in the face for finding your speech disgusting.   


However, those tweets a the bottom?   I love how Spencer is getting trolled there.   (That happened in January, I believe, though.   I've been ignoring Spencer for a while, but I'm choosing to speak up now because this gets grosser the more I read about this.   And just to be clear: I am boycotting Nick Spencer.   I will refuse to read Spencer's stuff, not for these two articles, but for Secret Empire #0 and what it did to the Marvel universe.)


And just for fun.


Someone questions if Spencer is a nazi, mostly because he seems determined to do pro-nazi things - turning cap into one and telling us all to be nicer to them.  I don't think he's a nazi, but I have to question why he had to tell this story that way, and it opens up questions into how he really feels about this all.   (Just to be clear, he seems to feel anti-fascist from how he talks about even Secret Empire and Rogue One.  I simply don't weep over people questioning this, and I would be interested in seeing him answer this question.)


Some of these are pretty funny, some are angry and sobering tweets.   There's a discussion that I've read about real life versus Marvel-verse (that is, Captain America hitting nazis is okay, not okay in real life.)   Spencer does lash out and tell people they need help if they can't tell the difference.   And trust me, I get it.  I want more nazi's punched.  It's why I read and watch Hellboy!   But I think saying 'you need help' is a little disrespectful: just as you get defense and lash out, so are they.   They're angry and telling you and Marvel and being ignored, or feel like they are.   They're tired of being told to just read the title.   And I think I understand how frustrating it is on both sides: Spencer feels like no one gets it, and that it should sell better, and... and...and...


The readers simply want this to stop.   Marvel's sales should tell them that they should listen to their readers, but they are clearly not.   Hopefully this whole shitshow will get retconned and soon and we can all put this beside us.   Until then?   Punching either Spencers is not okay, but I will laugh my ass off when people mock, well, either of them.