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So... Nick Spencer and Captain America


He's all like 'it's about Marvel Universe vs fascism!   Just read the book!'   


But you're putting two things I hate together.   Nazi Captain America, plus a huge event that is shaking things up and taking a good writer off Rocket Raccoon so Al Ewing can write Rocket.   (Al Ewing is already fucking up Royals but I'm purchasing anyway, because I want to see where number two goes.  I forgot to review number two so I'll be rereading and reviewing, most likely tomorrow.)


You can turn blue in the face - like some readers are - and tell me what it's about.   I don't want to read it..   You turned Captain America into a nazi agent, when he was created to fight Nazis.   And I've defended your right not to get death threats, and I've applauded your tweet in response to people burning your books (please, Spencer begged, be careful so you don't hurt yourself doing this.)


He can't say he didn't do this partly to shock people.   Surely he knew that was the case.   But for people like me with traumatic family histories with the Holocaust, we don't want to read about Captain America becoming a nazi.  And maybe your book has a heavy anti-Holocaust/genocidal/fascist message.    I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.   You could have done this without using the strongest weapon Marvel has against the Red Skull and done this.  I don't doubt that using this was just a way to twist the knife in and make it hurt for Cap, and for those who care about him - in the Marvel universe - more.   What you don't seem to realize is that for those of who care deeply about this issue, you twisted the knife in for us.  No, I take that back: you care.   But the story, and the shock, was worth more to you.   I certainly won't argue that the book doesn't have a good message.  It may.   I kinda doubt it wouldn't in the end.  I was opposed to this no matter what, though. 


The former thread is him talking about Rogue One being the inspiration for Secret Empire, or the new event that's about Cap being a nazi.    And the one before that is about how unusual it is to see Marvel heroes as underground freedom fighters.   Except in the X-Men under Claremont, as someone points out.   Or Civil War as yet another points out.   Or even Age of Ultron, to some extent.   Days of Future Past.   Um, yeah, it's been done a lot, and zero people have turned into nazis!


I've been protesting by refusing to even download shit the past couple of weeks.   Those comic codes?  Well, they're including Secret Empire.   Ew, no, gross.