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Optimus Prime #6 - John Barber, Kei Zama

So this all comes together nicely, the main character has an epiphany, and... if it weren't pitted against the, in my mind, far superior* Lost Light this would fare far better.   This isn't as funny, as insightful, or as subtle as Lost Light, however, and I find the colors off-putting somewhat.  I started picking this up again after seeing Thundercracker, Marissa Fairborne, and Buster.   It started to add that humor that I was most drawn to in Barber's previous series, Robots in Disguise - which went through a couple name changes by the end - and I was hoping it would come through in this series, too. 


Then there was the revelation at the end of the last issue, which I thought was far more creative than the epiphany here.  (And I'm not sure how Prime expects to pull this off; he claims he will, but not how, reminding me of another leader in the press right now.   However, Prime has a long history of pulling off the impossible and getting shit done, so I'm sure he will in the end, or he'll gather together competent people who'll help him out in the end.   So that's a pretty large difference despite the similarities.)


Basically, last issue set up this one to be just as good and I thought it was far less exciting or funny than the last issue.   I was going to five up after a couple issues, and fate kind of conspired to keep me going - and now I'm wondering if I'll pick up the next issue of this.  I may or may not at this point.   I guess it depends on how I feel next month. 


*Then again, James Roberts.  I realize that I consider him to be impossible to match, so it's almost unfair to compare his series, Lost Light, and any other Transformers being published at the same time.   And yet, here we are: Roberts is up against Barber, and I happen to enjoy one series more than the other.