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The Prey of Gods
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Miss Tonks Turns to Crime
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Inhumans By Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee
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Bots - Tome 1 (French Edition)
Aurélien Ducoudray, Steve Baker
Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy
Michael Chabon, Andrew Bolton, Andrew Bolton
Tongues of Serpents
Naomi Novik
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A Long December
Richard Chizmar
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Danielle Bennett, Jaida Jones
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Wayward Deluxe Edition Vol. 1
Tamra Bonvillain, Jim Zub, John Rauch, Steve Cummings
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After the Apocalypse
Maureen F. McHugh
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I'll be out all day

Today is Simmons day.   I'm going with my father, because he wants to revisit the campus.  (He went to MIT, and visited a friend who got into Simmons when he was in college.)   I want to finally see the campus.   We also got discounts to I the sabella Stewart Gardner museum via our local library.   I'll be out, most likely, all day.  Or close to it.   I'll take comics, and catch up a little on that, but I won't read much and I may not get to reviews until tomorrow.   Later, all!