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Transformers: IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 1
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Deadpool Classic Vol. 20: Ultimate Deadpool
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(First Signet Printing) the Mossad Inside Stories: Israel's Secret Intelligence Service Paperback By Dennis Eisenberg and Dan Uri (1979)
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Vision: The Complete Series (Vision: Director's Cut (2017))
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Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars Prose Novel
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G.I. Joe (2013-2014) Vol. 2: Threat Matrix
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The Big Girl's Guide to Buying Lingerie: A Cowboy Love Story (Bluebonnet, Texas Book 4)
Amie Stuart
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Trump and Me - Mark  Singer

I think Trump is the most petty person I've ever encountered in my life, either by meeting them in person, talking to them online, or simply reading about them.   


I need to read something that feels important, even if it's not cheerful reading.  I think reading the truth about Trump is important.   He wants to rewrite history using alternative facts, and by simply repeating a lie often enough to make everyone believe it.   More importantly, his truth is nice things said about him.   Anything that isn't is a lie, is jealousy, is other people seeing something not there.   He wants to gaslight everything negative said about him out of existence.   And yet, he takes every opportunity he can to spout racist, misogynistic things he can think of to say.  


Even if he were a saint, people wouldn't like him just because and say so.   But he acts as poorly as he can, and expects to charm his way out of it to 100% of the people.   So, yes, I think reading this book is important.