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Day one of Bane

Batman (2016-) #16 - Tom King, Jordie Bellaire, David Finch, Danny Miki

There's four days: four days to stop Bane from getting to the Psycho Pirate, four days to save Gotham Girl.   Four days, and this is day one.   First Bruce Wayne gets together all the young men who used to be his Robins, and he tells them to stay away.   (One wonders why Batgirl, Batwoman or Commissioner Gordon aren't in this get together.   Even if it's a matter of some people not knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman, he could meet them as Batman and tell them what's what.   And I think Batgirl and Batwoman know, so why not them?   As far as I understand, it would be just as hard, or harder for him to get some of the ex-Robins together as it would be to get the women who fight beside him together.)


The main problem with this was despite some amusing moments, like that Batman themed McDonalds type joint, I didn't really feel it.   There just wasn't enough to keep me interested.   Bane is coming, and everyone's stressed, but the fact that everyone ignores Bruce's advice and tries to help him undercuts that tension.   It's not dangerous enough for them to stay away, so I had this disconnect to the huge, huge threat they're making Bane out to be - because he is.   


It's touching that no one would let Bruce do this alone, but it also didn't work perfectly in this narrative for me.   Still, better than some of the early Batman's - post the first storyline - that I didn't like as much as this, even.   Four stars is not bad at all, and I hope it ratchets up to five stars once Bane hits the scene.