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Marvel gets back to me a day after I threaten to stop purchasing as much

Iiiinteresting. By which I mean: suspicious timing.  I already sent an e-mail saying I would spend less money with them.   Every time they've had delays - except this time - they've said so on the bottom of their e-mail.   Even then, it says they try in 48 hours, and have never taken over a week to get to me.   


So now they're offering to give me everything under a code so long as I get to them with proof of puchase/the codes in the backs of the comics.   The ones I care about I didn't use just in case.   I wanted to leave those comics pristine, I guess.   Anyway, we'll see what's what.   


I find the timing of this very suspicious.   Then again, they've probably been overwhelmed, although zero response on twitter and they've done this to me before - responded to others on twitter and not my DMs with the information they need.   


We'll see if they decide to bother with it given that I told them how much less I would be spending with them now.  I'm still hesitant because the original expectations - that they would get to me within forty eight hours, and leaving me hanging, sending that e-mail and twitter, etc.   And also I'm afraid they'll read the new e-mail and decide to say fuck it and not help me after all, because the implication was you had to be nice.   (I wasn't rude, either.   Just a straight skinny on how I felt: that they were showing us some of us were less valuable - and this is my response, which is spending less money with you in these ways in the future.   


Still, it may not be 'nice' enough.  The twitter message was the same.   Still, given their sales, they should ditch the attitude that we need to be nice, accept they made some fairly shitty moves - taking away the codes in the first place, and responding to some people immediately and not others, or at least warning them that it would take longer than the 48 hours they said on the bottom of the e-mail - and just give me the damn comics.  I asked for more, although not everything, because they want me to dig up proof of purchase - understood why - but I don't have them all at hand as I read on the go the art couple of weeks and can't remember which pile some of my comics are in :/  I mostly want the ones I asked for - and I GAVE proof of purchase in receipts and photos of one that I didn't have my receipt for - and I don't understand why they didn't use that since, y'know, I gave them what they consider POP.   (Picture of the receipt for two and the cover/code for the other, to prove I had it in hand.)