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So, my birthday was on Saturday

Someone asked if I did fun things.  I did.  I met a friend for lunch, and he didn't know what graphic novel to get me.  I told him lunch was enough but since he was struggling, if he wanted to get me something, I was really looking to read some Aquaman Rebirth and that the first volume was already out, or would soon be.   (It's already out.)   I'm not counting on it, since I may or may not get it, but it was sweet of him to put in that much effort and ask around for suggestions for me!


I got a Comixology gift card because I want to read more French graphic novels - in French - and that is the easiest, and least expensive, way to do so.   (Fnac, the French version of Barnes and Noble, has VAT and prices that make it at least twice as much.)   I got a gift card to Newbury for my comic habit.   I got a gift card to Sephora because I mentioned I was eying some expensive Marc Jacobs eye liner.   (It's soooo nice guys.   So nice!   I already got the blue that is named something else officially and is Ultra Magnus Blue in my mind.   I'm gonna wear it when I put on my Optimus Prime dress!)  I got clothes for school and a couple Marvel related shirts for fun, and a summer dress for hanging on the beach.   (And bras.  Because that's A Thing.   I don't like buying them because I am cheap so I only buy them on sale, so I get them on my birthday and I get told how inexpensive they were or else I guilt trip people.   Because that's A Thing.)  I also got a couple handmade items: some knit sweaters, one that looks almost like a shawl and is a gorgeous purple and a red half-jacket that matches the summer dress perfectly.   Then I got takeout from Tennessee's barbecue because so delicious!


I hit the mall to get the eye liner before I met my brother on Sunday for lunch.   He and his fiancee treated me to a sashimi bento box at one of my favorite local Japanese restaurants, and they brought me a cupcake that they get for free.   (This place near them gives out 100 free cupcakes per day if you know the flavor; they got one that they shared and one for me.   So good.   It was strawberry white chocolate and had actual strawberries in the mix, but like halved or quartered, instead of mixed into the batter.)   They also got me a three month subscription to Birchbox.   I'm excited since I've never done a beauty product mystery box!   She has, but she said she stopped after a while because she found products she liked and used them 100% of the time, so the other stuff just sat around the house.   (Which makes sense.)


So it was fun, I got a little pampered, and my parents got me way too much to spend on comics.   They said since I didn't really allow them to spend on me after I got into grad school, this was a combo happy birthday/congrats day.     It was tons of fun!   And my sister's been working so I bought us tickets to Get Out - she's already seen it and wants to see it in the theater again and I haven't seen it yet - and I'm considering that my birthday thing.   


On Monday I got a demo pilates class at a local Club Pilates that just opened up, and I'm still a little sore for that.


The Wednesday before  my birthday I got all my free things.   I had ten dollars to Olympia Sports and got some Stance Star Wars  R2-D2 socks that were on sale.  I got a Tarte mini-kit from Sephora.  I got some lotion and lip balm from DSW because I had five dollars and they had no socks I liked.  I got a free desert from Friday's and turned it into a meal by starting off with a burger.   I signed up for Bob's reward program - and got a ten dollar Wolverine shirt because you need to buy to sign up - and I should be getting ten dollars from them for signing up soon.  (I'll probably get the Deadpool shirt next, with that.)   So, it was fun, I had a good day running around and doing the freebie thing, and I had a fun couple days hanging with friends, and I had a blast choosing French comics to buy.   (I'm in the middle of one called Bots about Robots, only available in French.)   


I'm a little tired out from that much Peopling, though.   I'm relaxing a bit today because yesterday was the Seder and I spent so much time talking to people, and that type of thing tends to exhaust me unless we're talking about comics or Transformers.   Then I get all super energized.  


I did my good thing yesterday by spending that much time with people for my mom.   My thing to better myself.  I'm not sure what I'll do today, though.   Maybe read some non-fiction?