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New thing for me

I'm going to do at least one thing to better myself each day.  Or at least try.   I think this will be pretty easy, though.   Because as far as I can see, bettering myself falls into, in general, four categories: 


1. Learning.   And while any reading can be an educational experience and I try to read every day, I want this to either be in something I don't normally read/learn about - non-fiction, particularly history or science - or else something that will add to my actual education.   (Prepping for grad school right now.)   When I start school, going to classes - and doing well in them - will be part of this. 


2. Self-care.   If I'm feeling down, noticing and doing something to change my self-destructive patterns.   Taking time for me even when I feel guilty about it for various reasons, setting and making sure people respect my boundaries - which I don't do well sometimes - all count.   Again, not an everyday thing, something that's hard for me, but I do it anyway because I know I need to take care of myself even when it's hard to justify it to myself. 


3. Health.   Forgoing that delicious dessert, being conscious about eating more fruit and vegetables and trying to cut out some carbs.   As I already basically cut soda and juices out of my diet, sticking to that doesn't count.   It's easy to do.   I make a habit of walking to the mall on Wednesday instead of driving; it's easy to me to stick to that so that doesn't count.   Something hard, something I don't usually do, but that will lead to habits.   (Keeping up the walking - and by the way I forego this when there's too much snow to have safe sidewalks - or giving up juice was hard at first.)


I went to a pilates demo class today and woof, harder than I thought.  I will blog about that tomorrow, when I know exactly how sore I am, but that counts for today.   It was hard, it was embarrassing - because I"m heavier than the two women sitting next to me, and because I didn't know how to do stuff like they did - and so that counts.   Knowing how much effort I need into keeping this up?   A second class would count as I would semi-dread going - as much as I enjoyed it, woof, so much more strenuous than I expected! - but it would be building a habit.   


4. Bettering myself as far as who I am as a person.   Doing something I normally don't that's charitable, or picking up cues when people are upset and helping them - which is something I don't completely suck at, but have been known to miss.  Basically, putting in more effort to be a better person in ways I don't normally do. 


I think with a little effort this should be easy to keep up day to day, but the pilates class made me want to try this within ten minutes of the class ending.  I'm a little sore right now, and expect to be again tomorrow, but so much more fun than expected!