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Step up your game, Marvel!

Inhumans Prime (2017) #1 - Al Ewing, Ryan Sook, Jonboy Meyers

Ewing again :/   Ugh.   And actually, this was better.   Maybe it was just because I was more interested in what happens to Black Bolt and Maximus, or maybe it's the fact that there was more warmth in this, and that there was more about dismantling the Kings, Queens, and royals in general as far as Attilan is concerned.  I'm interested in not only how that works, but why that came about: Medusa sees the system, as is, as responsible for the destruction of what all Attilan held dear, and thus she says 'no more.'   


She's also relieved not to have the weight of all of Attilan on her shoulders alone.    This might strip her of her absolute power, but it also opens up doors to her.   I understand why she feels this way, and I'm interested in seeing just what she does with her newfound freedom.  


That being said, I hope I find out in Black Bolt as opposed to Royals.   Royals is just sucking so far.   This was better, but it was also an Ewing title.   The same thing I said about Royals holds true here: there's less depth, both to the characters and richness of the world and the real world type politics, than in any of Soule's runs. 


I truly regret that Marvel pulled Soule off these titles.   By 'these' I mean Inhuman titles.   He did interesting, and new, things and he brought a lot to the Inhuman franchise.  I wasn't expecting someone else to do the same things, or even necessarily be quite as good as I'd come to expect from Soule.  I'm just disappointed that Marvel jumped from Soule to Ewing, as I find Ewing's work far inferior to Soule's.   Harsh, but there you go!