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I'm so sorry that Viv doesn't take good pictures! But mystery box for swap!

She's an old hand-me-down iPad.   And while I love her - so much so that I'm naming my next iPad Viv, as well - she doesn't take good pictures for one of two reasons, or maybe a combo: she doesn't focus well combined with me not being super good at holding her super still.   Her camera is nowhere near as good as Goldbug's - who is my phone and was dying when I posted this to the swap groups.



I love all the things I got.   I can't decide what I love the most.  I love it all :D   This was what I got for my spring mystery box.   Very excited about it all.   I plan on starting the coloring book tomorrow.  I'm kicking the week or so I have off in combination with my birthday being on Saturday by having a coffee with Bailey's and Kahlúa.


I've already lent the stargazing book to my dad who went to MIT and is a huge science nerd: as soon as he saw National Geographic, he was like MINE!   It makes me more excited to read that.   


But pretty much I am not up to doing things tonight.   I'll catch up on reviews - or try to- tomorrow.  I will definitely read the Green Lanterns.  For now I'm just chilling.  I also want to catch up on some Legion tomorrow.   Because I kinda forgot about that show, and yeah, so it'll be watching Legion and reading tomorrow!