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An author I met at Readercon just sent me an e-mail

The Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos - Jim Starlin, Scott Edelman, Ron Lim, Mike Zeck Essential Defenders, Vol. 3 - Steve Gerber, Roger Slifer, David Anthony Kraft, Gerry Conway, Mary Skrenes, John Warner, Don McGregor, Naomi Basner, Scott Edelman, Chris Claremont, Ed Hannigan, Keith Giffen, Sal Buscema, Klaus Janson, Jim Mooney, Carmine Infantino, Dan Green, Mike Royer, Chic Stone, Dave Essential Defenders, Vol. 2 - Len Wein, Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella, Jim Starlin, Gerry Conway, Stan Lee, Bill Everett, Steve Ditko, Dennis O'Neil, Chris Claremont, Don McGregor, Roger Slifer, Scott Edelman, Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema, Gil Kane, Don Heck, Jack Kirby, Klaus Janson, George Tuska, Vince Colle

Apparently I'm getting something that made him think of me.  I got to brag about getting into grad school, and since he's into comics, too*, I got to tell him I'm hoping to do something with comics post grad school. 


And it's perfect since my b-day is coming up.  I think I'm going to bring him something, too, when Readercon comes.   Anyway, I was just feeling really down for no reason yesterday and even a little this morning.   Anxious, more, and that pushed me into depressed.   Between Jessica loving her box, everyone saying nice things about that, and this e-mail, I'm feeling better.   I don't know how it happens, but sometimes something lovely like this happens when I need it the most.   I didn't think this author would really remember me, but clearly he did, and I'm mostly about to cry happy tears because I'm touched that he remembered me despite the short time we spent talking together.   It's not even that he's sending me anything, but the fact that he would think of it that really is making me feel all warm and fuzzy and good inside. ***


Thank you to everyone who said something nice today.   Y'all didn't know it, but I needed it, and it made me feel a lot better.   This e-mail is just icing on the cake, to be honest, but it was so out of the blue - we haven't spoken even on social media for a long, long time** - that it just made me pause.   


*It's Scott Edelmen.   He ran a podcast that I was on from Readercon, and gave out donuts to those on the podcast.   He was absolutely sweet and showed up in a comics suit - it said 'pow!' and 'bang' and I had a picture that I'm too tired to look up now, but seriously, it's was the most amazing suit I've ever seen!


**It's because I don't stalk authors and I'll rarely ever initiate contact, especially when I've met them in real life.   I figure if they want to talk to me online, they will, but I'm wary that they're even more likely to be stalked than I am as a reader.   Or harassed.   I'm especially careful about it after getting harassed myself.   I'm shy about it, mostly because I don't want it to even have a whiff of stalking about it, and so I tend to leave authors alone.   


***I've started Scott's book, but I'm pushing that up my TBR list now.  I know he didn't do that for this, but it's happening anyway!