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Litsy seems not to care about its users

We were promised they were working on landscape view so it would be easier to type on devices.   Never happened.   We were told a website was in the works, too.   Not one peep about that, now.  


I suspect they care less about me and the other comic readers than most, too.   I'm finding things like Zombies vs. Robots: Undercity where some issues are on, some aren't, and the graphic novel itself is nowhere to be found.  I sent them a massive list of comics I'd read to add, and they got to half or so two weeks later.  (I'd been told it would be at least a week, so I knew that.)


I just sent them a long e-mail basically telling them if they didn't care, fine, but this was how other sites made it way, way easier and why I'd be using them instead.    Because the real kicker is that Litsy does not allow you to add your own books, which I find incredibly frustrating combined with the fact that they don't pull from Amazon.   (Amazon bought Comixology and Marvel uses Comixology's digital comic reader.  I suspect this is why B&N doesn't carry single Marvel issues in paper or digital format.   Pulling from B&N would be almost useless for me; by the time the graphic comes out, it's months later and I'm at least three issues past what they've used.)


They could fix this by letting us add our own books, but for some reason won't.   Again, I have my suspicions that they're protecting their database.    But if the database is useless to comic book readers - high volume, fast paced readers which would boost the use of their site dramatically for reviewers like me - then why bother with Litsy?   I asked this question in my e-mail after pointing out that Booklikes allows me to add my own books for Infinite issues which are not on Amazon and also allows me to shelve directly from Amazon.   Comic Book Database, which I'm also on, allows me to add my own books and even variant covers.   Basically, Litsy would be a huge loss for me if they were my only option - but they aren't.   I even said I suspected we weren't that important as we're such high volume, fast paced readers - and yet I've had nothing done to help me at all here.   Their database is still a snarly mess for comics and I still can't add my own damn books. 


Quite frankly, it's embarrassing to ask for help each week, as if I'm a child who couldn't do it my own damn self.   I'm completely capable, thank you very much, and take care to hold up the integrity of the BL database by adding as complete information as possible.  When I can't add from Amazon - which not only adds all the data itself, but is far quicker.


Litsy is coasting on what it has but it also made promises that it did not keep.   And that database :/