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Gustavo Duarte, Nick Bradshaw, Ryan North, Phil Noto, Christopher Priest
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Brutal and at times hopeful

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 0 : Warzones! (Old Man Logan (2015)) - Brian Bendis, Andrea Sorrentino

There isn't much hope here, at least not until the end, but there is some.  I suppose that will have to do for Logan, as it's all he's going to get.   He's living in that world where he's murdered all his friends, all the heroes, and there's no one left to keep the villains from taking over the world and splitting it up as they see fit. 


It's dark, it's violent, it's exploitative, and the artwork is raw, the colors just as raw, as if to mirror the world that is created here.   Logan has a green - possibly a Banner - baby, and a babysitter who is Danielle Cage.   These are what he lives to keep safe.   (I'm not quite clear on how he got the Banner baby, although no one seems to try and take it from him.)


When an Ultron head pops up in Logan's path, he suspects danger, leaving Danielle in charge of the baby and trying to figure out where said head came from.   He ends up bouncing through different battle zones, more and more convinced that he did the wrong thing leaving that baby behind.   (I... don't think the baby was even named!   Maybe I'll just call it Guilt Mechanism?)


Very soon, Logan tries to make his way back to said baby, or at least think about getting back to the baby more and more.   


As with his whole life, it doesn't end out quite how he'd hoped, and yet he might have more hope than ever.   Still, it's hope that scares him the most, since he knows how badly he can fuck things up, and he still has Guilt Mechanism to get back to.   You know that shit will just work against him and eat him until he - ooooh, well, we'll just kill off everything that isn't 616, then, kay?


Bye-bye Guilt Mechanism!   Guess Logan will just have to live stranded in our world now...