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Not bad, just not the best

Power Man and Iron Fist (2016-) #6 - David Walker, Flaviano, Sanford Greene

Power Man Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, have a true bromance: nothing sexual about their friendship, but they have some of the most fun times hanging out with each other.   They're just as comfortable in a street brawl, a fight to save the world, or at home eating takeout and watching movies.   And while, yes, Danny Rand is the white savior trope, he's often saved y the larger, and more muscular, and black Luke Cage.   Cage being black isn't just important because, as so many articles about the show pointed out, he's a bullet proof black man.   He's important in this friendship because before Marvel's big push for diversity, this wasn't just a buddy series: it was a real, a solid, friendship between a black and white man.  


They've been through almost everything that both the Marvel universe and the real world issues can throw at them and they've come through it all.  


This is important in this review because series about them can't just forget that - and this doesn't.   While they talk about a lot of series things, including whether or not they'll fight in this new superhero civil war, they do so in a way that ties their friendship together: they both seem to come to the same conclusion that they don't want part of this fiddle faddle separately. 


That being said, I understand that all the series were being tied into Civil War II, but this was just ridiculous.   They had a good reason for Rhodey's death to hit Cage so hard, but other than that, this tie-in was basically them going 'naw, let's not.'  WTF?   Why brand it as Civil War II then?   Just to get people to buy this to get the whole thing?




Can you tell how much not a fan I am of that aspect of this?   Yup.   I am not a fan at all.