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I read 24 comics today

Which is a pretty big high for me.   Yay iPad, which is making it easier to carry them and to read them faster than on the phone.   That being said, my brain is just mushy enough that I can't finish updating my read list/reviews, but just awake enough to read.   More reading for like an hour - I'll probably have four or so comics, or at least my GI Joe/Transformers crossover illustrated by the fabulous Jae Lee - done and I'll add that to my catch up list.   


During Jeopardy commercials/after Jeopardy, I'll end up updating my reviews and catching up, probably for the next week or so.  I also read 100% on my iPad today and made no headway on catching up on my physical comic reading, although it was all comics - so all fell under Fandom Wednesday.


More iPad reading - I'm really enjoying the lack of migraines right now - and then I'll probably read the physical comics on my break tomorrow at work!