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BATMAN #53 ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
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BATMAN #54 ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
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BATMAN #52 ((DC REBIRTH)) ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
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BATMAN #51 ((DC REBIRTH)) ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
LeeWeeksBatman51, TomKingBatman51
Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer (2018) #1 (of 2)
Al Ewing, Humberto Ramos
Champions (2019-) #4
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente
SUICIDE SQUAD #46 ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
JosLuisSS46, RobWilliamsSS46
SUICIDE SQUAD #45 ((SINK ATLANTIS)) ((DC REBIRTH )) ((Regular Cover)) - DC Comics - 2018 - 1st Printing
JosLuisSuicideSquad45, RobWilliamsSuicideSquad45
Champions (2019-) #3
Jim Zub, Jacinto Benavente

Love this series!

Moon Knight (2016-) #12 - Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood

Marc has to save Anput, so that Anubis will release the soul of his friend and ferry them to wherever Marc wants to go.  At first, it seems impossible, especially without the help from his alters. 


This is also another issue that bounces back and forth between the past and present, so we see one of Marc and Jean-Paul's first missions.   I'm actually not sure what the parallel is, but I also suspect the past storyline is seeding something as the current/present storyline - that of Anput's rescue - is resolved in this issue and the past storyline is to be continued.   Or in other words, I'm not convinced that they're as directly related as some of the concurrent past/present storylines.  


Also, the new, and futuristic alter makes another appearance making me wonder what's going on with them: they leave, saying they can't always be with Marc but will be when he needs them.   I'm reading this as integration until Marc can't deal, but I'm not sure about this either.   The thing about comics is it's oftentimes hard to tell what the whole is when you have such a small part. 


But I trust Lemire: he's proven capable enough times for me to trust him.   I'll wait and see, and I'll be glad to learn more about Moon Knight.   I was also talking to my co-worker who's a comic book fan, possibly even a bigger one than I am.  I was describing this Moon Knight as a good mental health storyline, in which he wants to get better and openly expresses that.   He's now intrigued and going to take a look into it.   I hope he enjoys it, as well.