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Shade, The Changing Girl (2016-) #4 - Cecil Castellucci, Marley Zarcone

Shade learns about forgiveness.   This is a touching issue, in which she tries to reconcile what Megan has done, which what she can do to change the way people perceive her.   It also comes with a lot of cynicism, and the suspicion that this is another one of her mind games.  


She tries to decide if she's feeling - or if it's an echo of Megan's feelings.   And she decides that it's her, her feeling this, her being freed by apologizing and trying to earn forgiveness.   And even as she can't really explain herself, and stumbles around reality as she knows it, and the reality that other people believe - that she is, and always has been, Megan - she can feel herself expanding.   She wants to try to be better than Megan was. 


That's a lovely evolution, and I hope that Megan succeeds.  


The backup tale is a sad story about Elemental Girl written by the author of Kim and Kim.  I was so excited to see that author pop up here!


So in general, I just love the hell out of this series!   (I got this in paper to cheer me up after that horrible woman who yelled at me on Thursday.)