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Champions (2019-) #3
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Yeah, continues to be weird as anything...

Gambit (1997) #2 (of 4) - Terry Kavanagh, Howard Mackie, Klaus Janson, Christie Scheele, Richard Starkings

Although oddly compelling.   And since it's on MU, I'm willing to finish this up as I'm interested in where this is going. 


I wish this didn't get so bizarre, or used its own mythology, rather than depending on a religion that is dominant in this society: it makes it seem weird as it has to conform somewhat or else risk offending people.   If it just said 'we're going to tell this story and not worry about it,' it would seem less stiff.   While no one directly mentions it, well, it stands out against the stories like Thor that use Norse religion and mythology and create something new, something that melds perfectly with the other stories they're telling.   


Anytime Marvel uses a Christian or Jewish mythology as the basis for their stories, it gets ham fisted and weird.   Like a goth invited to a debutante ball, where no one wants to mention how out of place she seems, but, y'know...    So they try to mesh and it kinda works sometimes, but it doesn't really and it just gets more weird as people pretend it's completely the most natural thing in the world!


Yeah, I really wish these weren't inserted into the Marvel universe, but they like doing bizarre things with the devil and stuff, so, y'know.   It's just gonna be goths crashing the yuppie parties until Marvel gets tired of this schtick.