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So I got the job and I can keep my old job for now!

The timing doesn't conflict, at least not until I get more hours at this new job, and he wants to see how I do. 


Now to wait a couple weeks to see if everything clears.  (But I mean, I got the job in that he wants me for the job.   Crossing fingers.  I haven't been arrested or anything, so y'know, I don't think I'll have a problem.)


Thanks for all your well wishes.   I totally nailed it, and your support really helped :D


Now, I'm gonna chill until I get the forms I need to fill out.  Even if this doesn't work out, or I don't get finalized for this position, I know I can walk into an interview and talk myself into a job.   The confidence!


I picked up a ton of books for employee discount days to ease my nerves before.  I got duck at a Vietnamese/Chinese combo place - sooooo good, but I did take out and waited until I got home - and hit the store for a couple other books I'd been eying earlier.   (I may complete the Irvine novelization of MCU for young adults with Cap, Cap2: His Cyborg Friends, and Hulk.   Or maybe just the cyborg friends one.   I'm not that into Cap without cyborgs or Hulk, so we'll see.)


I'll do a book haul, but I was so nervous earlier and I'm so hot right now, I'm exhausted!


Gonna nap, then read.   If I don't get to the book haul and you are dying to know, poke me with a stick - or a robot/cyborg finger - and I'll post it.  Or get really aroused, then post.    (Wait, no, don't use a stick!)


Either way, I'm feeling playful and hopeful despite the heat - mostly the heat now that I'm not worried - is doing me in.  I'll be back soon. 



Expect much fandom reading very soon.