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The God of Thunder is no more, long live The Goddess of Thunder!

Thor Volume 1: Goddess of Thunder - Russell Dauterman, Jason Aaron

Thor loses more than his hammer when it's picked up by an as-of-yet unknown woman*.   He loses a little of his identity, as she becomes the Goddess of Thunder.   And it gets even more heartbreaking than that for him, but it has to for him to accept that Mjolnir has accepted a new owner, someone who is worthy of carrying him - and carrying on Thor's legacy.   When he finally confronts this new Thor, he's all anger and rage, bristly that she might even try to steal his hammer - his 'old friend' as he says when he thinks Mjolnir is coming back to him. 


Thor, and even Odin, coming to terms with the new Thor is a thread throughout this volume, although the Frost Giants and the Dark Elves have their part to play, too.   Still, it seems as if they're a distraction, and that Odin is the true threat.   Thor and Freya both try to calm him down and get him to accept that if Odin himself couldn't lift Mjolnir, maybe they all should accept this new Thor.   (And Thor gifting his name?   That was a really touching scene, followed by a heartbreaking internal monologue.)


Or maybe I want Odin to be the real threat.   Freya and Thor are amazing here, and tend to up the tension level at times.   Odin is a character I could love to hate if he doesn't get rid of his willful blindness, and his first move against the new Thor is to throw The Destroyer at her.  I'm betting his backup plans are far more devious. 


I'm promised myself to cut down on my Comixology list before buying more, but the second volume of this series will be high on my 'next to purchase' list.   Partly because, yes, drama and action, but partly because of where the humor sneaks in.   Like when Thor asks Lady Thor if she's his mother. 




My favorite humorous moment may be when Spider-Man finds out about Lady Thor, though. 



Needless to say, love.   


*I read about the reveal and she was revealed to Sam Wilson's Captain America in All-New All-Different Avengers, so I know who she is now.   X2.