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Spike: A Dark Place - Victor Gischler, Paul Lee, Joss Whedon

Finally, a Spike comic that doesn't feel too cheesy, or forced, or anything.   The characterization and dialogue are fantastic, and the art is just absolute perfection. 


I never expected Spike in Space, but that's what you get here: bugs with a spaceship who treat Spike as their lord and master.   The bugs arguing about how to best serve Spike is pretty hilarious, too.   This hits a lot of sore spots for souled Spike: how he can't have a normal life, how he's not with Buffy anymore, what's he doing with his life, and on and on. Morgan, the courtesan demon, doesn't help when she's thrown into the mix, nor do the bugs trust her.  (Which really only leads to more arguments between the bugs as to how best to serve Master Spike.)


This also had more of an emotional aspect to it than I expected, particularly when it comes to the bugs - and the bugs and Spike.  


Loved this.   Absolutely loved this.